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Luxury Product Development

technical expertise for product creators


I save brands time and money by clarifying the technical needs of their brief, fixing the critical path to produce an outcome that matches their commercial needs i.e. Cost, Timetable and Compliance and building an improved supplier relationship through a more compatible way of working.


A unique blend of skills and experience help a range of people creating products, ranging from privately commissioned items, fashion and retail companies. Helping them pull things together, getting the technical details ironed out, which are often wrestled with, but not resolved. The primary, underlying motivation is to save money...without compromising the original aim.

I’m an industrial designer. I’ve worked in the aerospace industry. Designed high end furniture. ATM/kiosks for Amex, Sainsbury and Pathe.  And for fifteen years managed the Quality and Production of Hardware, Jewellery and Accessories for two luxury brands.

​For years I took my passion for granted, but I have developed an expertise in the tailored use of metals, including precious metals, surface finishing and in the last 4-5 year exploiting the explosion in 3D printing technologies. I understand the importance of a 'compliance first' approach and the nuances that enable this. Applying my knowledge and measured approach to facilitate product creation takes me to all steps of the development process.

Measure Twice - Cut Once

"...His experience and grasp of key quality standards within the luxury goods industry, combined with ideas on how to reach them, is strong.  His personable manner and approach is also very motivating and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to refine or focus their production or product development solutions..."

Mark Hutchison,

Mercator Manufacturing Ltd

"...Rodin is a ‘must have’ team member when you are developing product. He can apply his vast knowledge of performance, metals, know-how and innovative ideas to all categories. He has a passion for making everything function perfectly..."

Carol Pierce,

Product Development Director,

Alfred Dunhill Ltd

"...I have never met someone with his depth and breadth of knowledge, which is superb. But more importantly, he can apply this to real life problems. He has years of experience and knows the whole product development function inside out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him..."


Richard Gray

Hussey Engineering



In the thick of the action for 20 years, I can help you in several areas. Robust, methodical and confident

with all facets of the process.


I approach designs from an engineering perspective giving you confidence and reliability in your designs. 


A compliance-first strategy puts every conceivable compliance hurdle at the heart of every design and therefore into the product’s lifecycle.


What exactly does this mean? If you're thinking this, then you will probably welcome learning more.


Suppliers need to satisfy a short list of crucial factors. But how do you know they can? And how can you influence the outcome?

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