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I started out as an industrial designer. I’ve worked in the aerospace industry. Designed high end furniture. ATM/kiosks for Amex, Sainsbury and Pathé.  And for fifteen years managed the Quality and Production of, hardware, jewellery and accessories for Asprey and Alfred Dunhill.

I have developed an expertise in the use of metals, precious metals, surface finishing and in the last 4-5 year exploiting the explosion in 3D printing technologies.. Poignantly, a skill in applying their use, to real life scenarios. I understand the importance of a 'compliance first' approach and the nuances that enable this. And I’ve selected and worked with suppliers and manufacturers in the UK, Europe Russia, Asia (inc China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan), and the Americas. 

Now at MTCO, I use this unique blend of skills and experience to help a range of people creating products, including privately commissioned items, fashion and retail companies dealing with a broad range of issues:

  • Brands who lack in-house technical expertise to produce products or fix products that don’t meet standards.

  • Brands who want to develop products that combine materials or finishes out of their comfort and skill zone.

  • Start-ups who want to save time and money by starting out with the right strategy and the right suppliers.

  • Suppliers and manufacturers who need urgent product fixes.

  • Companies just looking to re-organise themselves to get the Product Development function running smoothly.


You can learn more about me here.

If you want to discuss a project, a technical problem or just an idea, get in touch, I can help.

Get out of the trap!

Give your hardware, accessories and jewellery the attention they deserve. End the over-reliance on your suppliers. Remove those repeated failures, save money and maybe even your brand.

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