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Rodin O'Hagan

As the son of an artisan father, my childhood was filled with a rich exposure to materials, makers, workshops, tools and machines. This total immersion took me to university in an advanced stage, and it was there I formalised my approach and understanding of design and manufacture.

So my life as a designer started out ordinarily enough. 

​First a spell designing for manufacture of high end furniture followed by an intense period working in aeronautic interiors, where I was immersed in the intricacies of – and developed a passion for  – working with metals, precious metals, plastics, silicones, adhesives, titanium and advanced surface coatings. It was the PhD of my post graduate life.

​Followed by a great role designing ATM/Kiosks for Amex, Sainsbury and Pathé, which furnished me with advanced CAD expertise and project management experience.


So when I was invited to enter the heady world of luxury fashion, I promised it would just be an interesting diversion for 6 months or so. 

​Employed first as Product Development Manager at Asprey (4yrs) and then Senior Technical Quality Manager at Alfred Dunhill Ltd (11yrs) it’s safe to say that I was hooked, mostly because there was an perpetual supply of new and interesting challenges.

​Luxury fashion opened my eyes to the challenges and complexity of creating hardware, jewellery, accessories for a retail scenario and notably the costs associated with their failure. My unique background has given me an endlessly fresh approach to solving these issues.


As you might have guessed, my childhood was spent mending, breaking, creating and exploring things. Understanding how they work and discovering new ways of putting them back together again. An enthusiasm tempered by my father’s oft-repeated advice to “measure twice, cut once”.

​It was advice that stuck. Advice that guided me along a unique career path.

Rodin O'Hagan MTCO
Rodin O'Hagan - MTCO
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